How To find frames right for your face shape

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to choose a great pair of eyeglass frames?  Yes, part of it is because there are so many great styles available, but that’s actually not the main reason. Each of our faces our framed a little bit differently and those characteristics make all the difference in the world when it comes to finding a great pair of eyeglasses. Couple that with the numerous colors and patterns available and you have one tough decision.

If you’re unsure of what your exact face shape is, there are plenty of sites to you help you determine it. You may be able to figure it out with one of their nifty charts or by actually measuring specific parts of your face. While it might seem like a lot of work, before you pick out your next set of lenses, you’ll appreciate knowing ahead of time exactly what type of frame you’re looking for.
Those of you with square faces likely have a strong jaw line coupled with a broad forehead. You will look perfect in oval and round framed eyeglasses, and can easily pull off the oversized round sunglasses that celebs are currently sporting. With a multitude of options, round and oval framed glasses are appropriate for work or weekend as classic options are available and so are those fitting into the geek chic trend we’re currently seeing so much of.

Oblong faces are narrow and long versus wide. Since small frames may look a little disproportionate on you, stick to larger frames, which of course are perfect options for either eyeglasses or sunglasses. As long as the frames themselves are a little bit larger, you will likely look good in round or square shaped glasses. Round faces should avoid small frames as well. Rectangular options will look best on you and you can even pull off funkier geometric styles, like the popular cateye frames we’re currently seeing so much of. Triangle face shapes will also look good in cateye frames, and you can wear oval frames and rimless selections as well.

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Michael Kors MK221 001 Black - $99

Those of you with oval shaped faces are lucky men and women, as really, there is hardly any frame you cannot pull off. If you are super petite, you may want to avoid oversized frames, and if you are plus size, the opposite is true; avoid frames that are on the small side. Aside from those two rules, the eyeglass store is your playground and regardless of the style you choose, most any frame will likely look good on you.
There are other less common face shapes as well, such as heart shaped, and they have entirely different rules for picking out glasses. Regardless of what your specific face shape is, it’s important to realize that it is the biggest predetermining factor of what type of spectacles will look best on you. Do yourself a favor, and prior to ordering a new pair of glasses, determine your face shape and know what looks best with it!

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