Casinos, formal or informal style?

If you're off the local casino for the night, one thing you don't want to gamble on is your choice of outfit. Most people tend to opt for evening wear when going to casinos and there is lots of choice within this style. It's great to go with a group of friends and go all out with what you're wearing because it will make the evening feel more special and you might even get special treatment from the staff because of it. You can easily check on the casino website beforehand or phone ahead to find out what the dress code is, what kind of clientele they usually get and this will help you make an informed choice with your clothing.

There are many factors that can determine what outfit to wear to a casino. A big factor is location, are you playing online at Gaming Club or out on the Vegas strip? If you are in the Las Vegas desert, it can get extremely hot, and there's nothing worse to help ruin your elegant look than sweat patches! You also want to look comfortable, so if you are in a hot country, you might consider wearing a summer dress with strappy sandals, or well-tailored trousers with a chiffon blouse to keep you cool. In Las Vegas rues are a little more relaxed on clothing anyway as it is a holidaying place, so you could almost wear everything, but it's always a lot more fun to dress up!

Some women love to look sexy at a casino, and opt for cocktail dresses/evening dresses. As long as it's not too revealing, you could go for any style of dress. Casinos can be quite strict about not wanting their guests to be wearing anything too tight or revealing so you're safer if you stick to relatively modest hemlines and neck lines. Sparkly jewellery, great shoes, and clutch bags can also add some glamour to any outfit, so if you don't have anything very sexy in your wardrobe you could always jazz up your office wear with some accessories.

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