How to choose a painting for the interior: 7 boards of experts

The collection of the gallery "73rd Street" presents works by artists from the 1960s to the present. Different in style, genres and areas of work combine high quality of performance and relevance. Gallery artists - recently opened names, as well as world-famous masters, whose works are in museum collections of different countries.

Tip # 1: A stylistic interior solution

Painting can play an important role in the transfer of a certain interior style. Strict canons are not - so, modern painting may well be in the classical interior. However, in some cases, the picture can become a key element for the reproduction of a particular style.

Minimalist spaces like abstract art, which sometimes is the only decoration of the room. Realistic landscapes and still lifes correspond to classical interiors; And the ideal portrait of the classic drawing room can be an article gallery of family portraits. The interior in the country style will decorate landscapes depicting the local nature, and the ethnic interior - exotic stories.

Board number 2: Mood in the interior

What scenes to choose to create a harmonious environment and the right mood in a particular room - it's up to you. The bedroom is traditionally decorated with floral still lifes or quiet landscapes, if you are brave - choose work in the style of nude.

We recommend not to include images of lonely and sad figures in the interior of the bedroom. Let it be better your bedroom will be decorated with an image of a couple in love, cooing birds or twin animals, and a dining room - an appetizing still-life. The walls of the cabinet can be decorated with paintings depicting horses, ships, hunting scenes, or urban landscapes.

Tip # 3: Coloring interior solution

A painting canvas in the composition of the interior can serve to create a color accent. The composition of the interior, as a rule, is based on contrasts or nuances. Determine which option is closest to you, and create with the help of the picture you like the correct color spot that fits into the overall gamut of the interior. Residential painting & decorators MJ Painters of Cambs.

Tip # 4: Scale and proportions

Be sure to take into account the scale and proportions of the picture relative to the surrounding furnishings. For example, above the sofa or the head of the bed is better looking horizontally stretched canvas, and in a narrow pier or above a high chest of drawers - vertical work.

Pay attention to the size of the picture, the wall and the nearby furniture. Little work is lost on a large empty wall or next to massive furniture. Better pick her a pair, creating a larger scale composition of the pictures, or find a more secluded corner in the room - it can be a partition between windows or a bookshelf.

Tip # 5: Making a picture

Most of the decoration requires work performed in classical traditions, whereas avant-garde and abstract works are placed in modern interiors without a frame. It is necessary to know a few simple rules.

Pastel, watercolor and engraving require glass and, as a rule, a paper mat, while a picture painted with oil or temper is simply encased in a baguette, collages and monotypes look good both with glass and without it.

The frame is first of all selected for the picture, but always with regard to the surrounding situation. Undoubtedly, the styles of the frame and decor of the room should be combined, but the main task when choosing a frame is to emphasize the merits of the picture, the depth of perspective.

Here the universal approach is not present: carry work in a framing workshop, apply samples of baguettes and a mat, experiment, try.

Tip # 6: The principles of hanging

Rely on your intuition and taste, feel the space. Typically, when composing several paintings, they are placed on the wall where the direct sunlight is least likely to fall. Symmetrical compositions are balanced, and everything is simple.

And in conclusion, one more tip

Treat the picture as a family value, regardless of its price and the glory of the author! Remember that every picture in the house is a reflection of our attitude at the moment when we fall in love with painted on canvas so that we decide to leave it forever next to ourselves.

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